In the fall of 2010 the FDA approved the use of Botox®as a treatment for chronic migraine.

Creekside Physical Medicine has successfully treated migraine and head/neck pain for nearly half a decade. Doctors David Tanner and Alex Reish of Creekside Physical Medicine have hundreds of successful administrations of Botox® for a variety of head and neck pain disorders.

Botox® is most commonly recognized as a cosmetic agent to help reduce wrinkles. Over 20 years of clinical studies and practice indicate that Botox® is also helpful in alleviating headache pain.

A 2003 study presented at the American Headache Society 45th Annual Scientific Meeting produced results indicating that 80 percent of patients treated with Botox® for headache pain claimed to have less frequent pain, less intense pain or both after the injections. Of the 271 patients who received Botox® injections for the study, 60 percent reported good to excellent pain relief, 20 percent reported some pain relief and 20 percent reported no relief.

Three-quarters of the 271 patients had tried other therapies in seeking pain relief. Half of them had been over-using medication in an effort to find relief.

Many patients who receive relief from Botox® injections are able to reduce their medication dosages or stop taking pain medications all together.

For millions of Americans, chronic daily headaches have become a way of life. People who live with daily headache pain may find the key to lasting relief through Botox®. There are also several other treatments that successfully provide headache pain relief.